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Oil, Oil, Oil. Every year more than 1 Billion Ink and Toner Cartridges are dumped into landfills around the world. 3.5 quarts of oil are used to produce the plastic for each toner cartridge! If we dump 1 billion toner cartridges per year, the result is 875 million gallons of crude oil straight into the landfill.

Do we really want to be this dependant on forign oil? The time is now. Each time you purchase a remanufactured ink or toner cartridge you are saving another 3.5 quarts of forign oil from entering our landfills.

Do your part and tell your friends --Together we can stop this cycle of decadent waste and save our planet for our kids and grandkids.

Buy remanufactured today!



  Fun Math:  

It has been said that Ink-Jet Ink is the most expensive liquid in the world. This may support that claim:

The current price for a brand new Hewlett Packard #56 ink-jet cartridge is currently about $20. It holds 19ml of ink.

To fill a 15 gallon average vehicle gas tank:
3,784ml per gallon.
3,784ml / 19ml = 199.16 cartridges per gallon
199.16 cartrdiges x 15 = 2,987.4 cartridges to fill a 15 gallon car.
2,987.4 x $20 = $59,748 --Fill er up, please. Could you check the oil too while your at it?

A rectangular swimming pool, 16 x 32 feet, 8.5 feet deep at deep end and 3 feet deep at shallow end holds appx. 22,080 gallons.

3,784ml per gallon.
3,784ml / 19 ml = 199.16 cartridges per gallon
199.16 x 22,080 = 4,397,452.8 cartrdiges to fill the pool.
4,397,452.8 x $20 = $87,949,056.00 (that's 88 million dollars) to fill the pool!

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